After a decade of experience in teaching Pilates at a variety studios, in Israel and the USA -  to include Center for Movement, East Village Movements, Pilates Motion Studio in New York, and, “Bishvil Pilates”, “Pilates BaNahala” “Kontrolog’i”, “Studio Pro”, and “Maya Ben-Yaacov Pilates "in Israel, in July 2014 Mor opened a boutique studio in her home, to provide and share with her customers the Pilates way. And, in 2016 Mor first opened the studio MorePilates offering classes for groups. Mor continues to practice Pilates on a daily basis, participates in Pilates workshop in Israel and abroad, and takes private classes to stay in shape physically and to be mentally on top.
Mor was certified as a Pilates instructor in 2007. Mor’s first accreditation was acquired at the Kane Core and Integration Institute, one of the most prominent Pilates centers in New York. The course was conducted by Kelly Kane, a student of Romana Kryzanowska, who developed the method with Joseph Pilates. Hence, Mor is a third-generation teacher of the Pilates family. After her return to Israel Mor continued to be exposed to the classic Pilates world, and to Power Pilates in particular. After obtaining an awareness of the different schoolings in the Pilates world, and after further in-depth exploration, Mor found her true calling to be in Power Pilates and classical Pilates. As a result, Mor flew to New York to continue her training with renown teachers of the 2nd Pilates generation - Bob Leikens, Susan Moran and Kathryn Ross Nash.
"Thanks to Pilates I had the privilege to find myself in a process that transformed me not only physically, but also spiritually. This transformation gave me a strong desire to share this and pass it on. Thanks to the Pilates way, I maintain a balance of the body and mind as a whole."
Mor Vestler
Jannah Berkley was born and raised in NYC. Growing up, she was a ballerina, tapper and yogi, but decided to focus on writing instead of performing when she went to university. After graduating from NYU, she started working in fashion PR, but felt like something was missing. She discovered classical pilates at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates and completed Alycea’s comprehensive teacher training program. She came to Tel Aviv on a Masa program in 2017 and after falling in love with Israel, decided to move here.

Jannah believes that creativity is one of life’s greatest gifts, but that sometimes things don’t need to be changed. Joseph Pilates’ classical technique is one of them. Jannah is a total pilates nerd, loves learning about the legacy and science behind Joe’s technique, and truly believes that a pilates routine is a routine for life.

Jannah has used pilates to help her with chronic foot and ankle injuries, and loves sharing the magic of pilates with injured clients. She also loves showing clients who think pilates isn't a hard workout just how much sweat they can leave on the reformer. Jannah is also an IIN Certified Health Coach and dancer on the side.
Dor Greenburg
After years of love for sports, I decided to make it a profession. From 2013 I managed and trained a studio of functional training that combines Interval & personal training, Total body Resistance eXercise (TRX), Core training, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Pilates improved my control of the body and movement on a daily basis and in training.
Naomi Doran
Stability of the body is stability in life
Pilates for me expands and enhances the movement and flexibility of the body, along with strengthening the internal stability of the body and serves to anchor to the ground, combined with endless elongation. These processes fill my body with
positive energies that directly affect my daily life and increase my self-confidence with immediate improvement in the details, small and large. Pilates is simple and real and for me it is love.
Jannah Berkley