​At the our studio we offer private lessons, duets, and intimate group lessons of up to 6 trainees, all conducted on a range of original Pilates apparatus, with a lot of personal attention. Every lesson has three common characteristics:
Personal attention, Movement, Consistency
Group Lessons
In this lesson focus is on technique and exercises flow rate which creates rhythm. The challenge is to maintain our studio group classes and still give our customers the personal attention that would lead to the greatest improvement in body with maximum safety.
In order to deliver the quality of a private lesson, with the personal attention to each trainee, we care to divide the classes’ difficulty levels at the discretion of the trainer. Accordingly, our studio teachers are carefully selected and have passed additional certification program that requires them to teach according to the high standards adopted by morepilates.
Duet Lesson
In this class two partners with similar capabilities can be registered together in order to ensure equal work and the same attention. The lesson is suitable for couples who are interested in receiving more personal treatment and attention, then typically allotted in a Group lesson. The lesson is flexibility in terms of time, and is set in accordance to personal needs.
Private Lessons
Private lessons include coaching on the Reformer, the mat, and a variety of Pilates’ apparatus. The program will be adjusted according to the individual needs of the trainee, and can be scheduled per the suitability of the trainee. Private lessons provide complete supervision and hands-on corrections to ensure optimum form and proven results. Safe for chronic conditions and non-acute injuries, provided these have been cleared for exercise by a physician.